Crops grown on the farm include; wheat, barley and oilseed rape. 
Cereal varieties have changed over the past 100 years and OSR has been introduced to the rotation but the biggest change has occurred in the last 10 years as we have moved towards better soil management.
The plough which was made use of in every arable field until recently, is now only used when necessary.  As a consequence of this, soil structure is improving and less interference is also encouraging numbers of earthworms and a rise in organic matter.

To maintain a balanced rotation on the farm, we now include letting land for seed potatoes and have introduced grass leys to ensure that the soil remains fertile and productive for years to come.
Our produce is used in a number of ways:
Wheat is used for biscuit making, distilling (Whisky), bio ethanol fuel or animal feed.
Barley goes for malting (lager brewing) or animal feed.
Oilseed Rape is sold for processing into cooking oil or bio-diesel