We have no breeding cattle at Fields Farm.  Youngstock of approximately one year old, are purchased throughout the year and are mainly sourced from suckler herds kept in the lake district. They tend to be breeds such as Limousin, Charolais and Belgium Blues which have great confirmation and produce lean meat.
 These youngsters spend at least 6 months of their time with us out at grass, enjoying the grass fields perched on the cliff tops north of Scarborough.  When the weather becomes inclement, they are brought into new, purpose built, well ventilated, straw yards.  Their diet whilst indoors consists of a home-produced ration and forage.
The vast majority of our finished cattle go directly to Morrisons PLC, who make sure that their farmers and customers are happy with the product and promise that:
 All unprocessed fresh meat is 100% British, 100% of the time and always comes from UK farmers we trust.